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Saturday 16th of March 2024


Alexander Refsum Jensenius

From air guitar to self-playing guitars


Abstract: What can air guitar performance tell about people's musical experience and how does it relate to real guitar performance? Alexander Refsum Jensenius will tell about his decade-long research into music-related body motion of both performers and perceivers. He will also tell about how this has informed new performance paradigms, including the self-playing guitars that will be showcased at the festival.

Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a professor of music technology at the University of Oslo and Director of RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion. He studies how and why people move to music and uses this knowledge to create new music with untraditional instruments. He is widely published, including the books Sound Actions and A NIME Reader.

For more information about the self playing guitars by RITMO (UiO), click HERE

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Nick Johnston

From website


Nick Johnston is a Canadian guitarist and songwriter who records as a solo artist. As of 2019, he has released five solo records.


His albums have featured the work of notable artists such as Paul Gilbert, Marco Minnemann, Guthrie Govan, and Bryan Beller. He has also played on songs by other artists including Intervals, ScaletheSummit, Periphery, 

Polyphia, David Maxim Micic, and Mike Dawes. He has toured extensively with artists including Plini and David Maxim Micic. In May 2019 he went on a North American tour with Between the Buried and Me and The Contortionist.

Another influence was Joe Satriani. "Before listening to Joe, I don't think I understood how important a role the melodies played in building compositions", Nick stated in a Total Guitar interview. "I realised he was the guy who'd really figured it out—the balance of technique, tone, melody, and production. While players were learning blues from Hendrix and Clapton, I was learning them from Satriani".

The guitarist released his own signature guitar through Schecter in 2016. Schecter has since released additional variants of his signature guitar, splitting them into the USA Signature Series and Traditional Series, with these being premium and affordable versions respectively. He is also passionate about comics and has hired comics illustrators to create his album art.

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Ida Nielsen-12_by_NPGrecords.jpg

& The Funkbots

Ida Nielsen

From website


Ida Nielsen got her life turned upside down when music legend Prince discovered her in August 2010. Shortly after she joined his band and started touring with him and “The New Power Generation” and later on the 4 piece power house rock band “3rdeyegirl”.

Ida was part of his bands from 2010 until his untimely passing in April 2016.

She describes playing with Prince as “a huge gift and as the most magical musical journey ever, and an on-going learning experience beyond all imagination.”

After the years with Prince, Ida started to refocus on her solo career.

She has been releasing music on a regular basis and has increased her touring schedules tremendously since 2016. Her music is best described as a mixture of old school funk & hiphop with world music pop ups, ear catching melodies and lots of bass, and she and her band “the Funkbots” are delivering a high energy funk show packed with good vibes, tight grooves and subtle references to her former employer and teacher Prince.

Ida was voted amongst the top 10 bass players in the world (together with fellow bassists Stanley Clarke & Victor Wooten ) in the annual Music Radar poll 2019.

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Nili Brosh

From website:


Nili Brosh is part of a new generation of guitarists. Both a solo artist and a sidewoman, Nili currently plays with Danny Elfman, Cirque du Soleil, Dethklok, as well as her original band.

Born in Israel, raised in Massachusetts, and educated at Berklee College of Music, Nili has performed with Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan/The Aristocrats, Stu Hamm, Jennifer Batten, Gretchen Menn, DragonForce, Jeff Loomis, Alphonso Johnson, and The Iron Maidens. Nili has also released three solo albums (Through The Looking Glass, 2010, A Matter of Perception, 2014, and Spectrum, 2019), the material from which she performs and gives clinics on.

Additionally, Nili has written a lesson column for Premier Guitar magazine, released several courses with JTC Guitar, and recorded guitars on Danny Elfman’s 2021 and 2022 releases “Big Mess”, “Bigger. Messier.”

Photos from Tim Salaz


Otto Junior

Despite only being 18 years old, Otto Junior has already made a name for himself within the music industry, especially the Norwegian Blues scene. He is being recognized as a super talented guitarist being compared to legends like Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson and Steve Ray Vaughan. Otto Junior has already toured across Norway and internationally, while sharing the stage with artists like Knut Reiersrud, Vidar Busk, Kingfish, Mike Zito, Little Steven, Tora Dahle Aagard, Kirk Fletcher, Matt Scofield and many more..


Otto Junior is an ambassador for Gibson Generation Group and has played at NAMM in LA where he got to play before Slash, Don Felder and Billy Gibbons. He has got a whopping 50k followers on his Instagram. Link:


He is bringing bass player Bjørn Thomassen and jazz drummer Ola Grindbakken for this concert.

Photo from Roald Jungård

Friday 15th of March 2024


 Kristian Stoianov

Kristian Stoianov is a 23 year old guitarist from Førde, Sunnfjord currently on his final year of his masters degree in rhythmic music from the University of Agder, after graduating from a bachelors degree in music from the same university.


He composes his own instrumental guitar music with influences from artists like Andy Timmons, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, Michael Landau and Eric Johnson. 

Links to his music: 

Links to his YouTube:

Links to his SoMe:

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